Interpretations of the Akeda

Sarah, Andrew Doppelt
The Binding of the Covenant, Asher E. Smith
"Where is the Lamb?" Brett Kaplan
The "Binding" of Isaac, Jeremy Fischler
The "Sacrifice" of Isaac, Jerry Kent
Midrash Sarah, Sara Lenowitz
Violence and Piety in the Akeda: Midrash and Art, Matthew Juron
The Sacrifice of Sarah, Ali Witte
Violence or Piety, Elon Stricker
Midrash Sarah, Hannah Chung
The Binding of Isaac, Mary Ruf
An Act of Piety or Violence, Thomas (Zach) Thompson
The Sacrifice on Mt. Moriah, Anh Duy Nguyen
Sarah's Sacrifice, Gabe Kim
The Testing of Sarah (Nissat Sarah), Timothy McNinch

Qoheleth / Ecclesiastes

Qoheleth Was Depressed, Farah Mizrahi
Qoheleth Was Not Depressed, Margo Aaron
Qoheleth Looks at Himself, Matt Kelsey
Healing Qoheleth Through Logotherapy, Jessica Reilly
Revisioning Qoheleth: Anna's Voice, Allison Meyer


Eliana Fishkin, Gabrielle Pieck, Benjamin Blumenthal, Creating Zoharic Texts
Julie Pfau, Isaac Loses His Laughter
Kara Kandel, The Story of  Emory Hillel, Jonathan Feldstein, and Kate Shtein
Jonathan Feldstein, From Moscow to Washington
Brian Shapiro, Cry to God
Barbara Ellison Rosenblit, Midrash on the Moon: In a Different Light
Barbara Ellison Rosenblit, David, Bat Sheva, and the Fifty-First Psalm
Experiments (done by DRB): Rashbam: Rashbam-emory: Rashbam-wild
Sally Chambers, Ginger Goldhammer
Nate Hofer, Syllabus for Popular Jewish Medieval Culture
Samuel Ready, Maimonides on Moses Seeing God's Face / Back
Gila Baer, Yedid Nefesh, Translation and Commentary
Marie-Ange Rakatoniana, Yedid Nefesh, French Translation and Commentary

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