Figure 2



= ineffable, inexpressible, preverbal, unknowable in its being

Eheyeh, crown, hidden one, the ancient one, the encompassing one, will, place of the tefillin, Ein Sof



= verbal, conceptual, expressibility, knowledge, intellectual wisdom

Yod, father, Eden, hidden thought, brain



= emotional knowledge, understanding

sea, great river, repentance, upper temple, upper mother, Elohim, heart, inaudible sound; halo of the flame


Hesed / Gedula

= unmerited love, grace

Abraham, white, light, first day of creation, El, right arm, mountain of light


Gevura / Din

= power to set limits, physical as well as moral; demanding; source of "other side"; judgment, mountain of darkness

Isaac, Pahad, red, second day of creation, Elohim, left arm


Tiferet / Rahamim

= compassion, mercy; loving judgment, just love

Jacob, Vav, YHVH, Written Torah, yellow / green, King, Tree of Life; male, father, son, lover; center, solar plexus, audible sound, heaven, sun



= eternity, infinity, timelessness

one of the twins, Zevaot, Moses, right thigh



= awesome beauty

one of the twins, Zevaot, Aaron, left thigh



= passion / desire, fundamentality, source of blessing and vitality, fecundity, productivity

male organ, river, Shaddai, extension of Tiferet, lower part of the Vav, Shabbat, Joseph


Malkhut / Shekhina

= face to the world, governance and providence, source of judgment; point of entry into the realm of the sefirot

sea, earth, Oral Torah, sound as speech; female, daughter, lover, consort; Assembly of Israel; David, Bathsheba, Rachel, Miriam, Esther; blue or black, changes to red; Face, mouth, feet; Adonai, Elohim; Hey; Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil; gateway, receptacle; flower; the Depths; lower Eden; tabernacle, lower temple; lower mother; moon

when under the influence of the "other side": deserted wife, darkened light