COUNTRY         SCOTT                    DENOM                 COLOR                                      NOTES


UAR (Egypt)        664                            10M                          black and red            

UAR (Egypt)     N125                            10M                          slate blue and red                       for Gaza #

Iraq                          372                            10F                         gray and black                            in Arabic

Iraq                          373                             20F                         lt. brown and black                    in Arabic

SA (Saudia)             373                             2P                            yellow green and black            ##

SA                            374                             4P                             lt. brown and black                 

SA                            375                             6P                             dull blue and black                  

SA                            376                             8P                             ocher and black                                          

Kuwait                     281                             4F                              red and ultramarine                 

Kuwait                     282                             45F                            red and emerald green            

Kuwait                     391                             20F                            lt. blue and vermillion                 large, 1968

Kuwait                     392                             45F                            lilac and vermillion                    large, 1968

Algeria                      358                             30C                            red and black                            ###

Syria                          C341                   12P                                  multicolored                             

Syria                          C342                   60P                                  multicolored                                               

Lebanon                   C457                    50P                                 multicolored                             

Jordan                       499                       25F                                  red and olive                               

Yemen                      210                             4B                              red lilac and deep blue              

Yemen                      C32                            6B                              vermillion and orange                               






All but the large Kuwait stamps were issued in 1965/66 at the decision of the Arab Postal Union during the year of the 17th anniversary of the Deir Yassin killing (April 9, 1948).


# This stamp was issued by the UAR for use in Gaza (Palestine), separate from the Egyptian stamp.  In addition to the stamp, Emory has a first day cover for this stamp, postmarked Gaza, Palestine.


## This stamp has the same Scott number as the preceding one.


### This stamp does not follow the graphics of the others. It has a white map of Israel with black stick figures against a red background.